Kaycee Rice

    What does “WEIRDO” mean to me?

    Weirdo means to be outgoing, a little awkward at times, but not afraid to be who you are. It means someone who is kind hearted, spreads positivity, and expresses themselves. Being a “weirdo” doesn’t mean you are “weird”, it just means you embrace the fact that you are different. I am a TOTAL WEIRDO and I am proud to be one. It makes me so happy when I know that I am making people smile by just being myself. I don’t want to change or be fake. I just want to spread kindness and weirdness around the world and show people they don’t have to change who they are. It is ok to be different and quirky because that’s what makes you stand out as a human being. Just be you! Don’t let anyone bring you down, get in your way, and don’t listen to the haters because YOU ARE AMAZING!