My name is Kaycee Rice. I’m a 19 year old dancer, artist, business woman, actress, entrepreneur, NASM certified personal trainer, and a weirdo. I am someone who loves with my whole heart and advocates love and positivity through my movement and inspiring others. I created weirdo when I was a young girl who was just being herself and not caring about what others thought.


To be a “weirdo” means that you love what makes you, YOU. Everyone is different in their own way, and we should embrace our individuality. Loving one another, spreading positivity, and being yourself is what being a weirdo is all about. We are constantly evolving every single day, finding who we are and growing. Weirdo is evolving too and everyone is welcome.


Now that I am 19 years old, weirdo means even more to me now than ever. It’s evolved into more than just a brand name. It’s who I am and who I want to be. It’s not just about being weird, but it’s a message that’s there to remind us where we came from and how much we’ve grown. Weirdo means:

We Embrace Individuality Realness Diversity & Originality.

In a time where we are constantly being compared to one another, it’s important to remind ourselves that the things that make us different aren’t something to hide, but instead embrace!