Evolove Curl Defining Cream x Kaycee Rice


As someone who’s been in the spotlight of the dancing world from a young age, Kaycee grew up feeling the need to mask her curls instead of embracing them. Kaycee wanted to create a brand dedicated to helping people love their natural curls, whether they’re just starting their journey or are looking for their signature product, because she personally relates to this struggle. Evolove is for those ready to put proper hair care into their self-love routine. As Kaycee states, “Evolving is…loving your natural hair” which led her to creating a brand that embodies this exact value… Evolove Click Me to Shop.

*you will be taken to SlateLand.com for sale of Evolove. Weirdo Apparel discounts do not apply. As of now it ships only to the US, but we are working on International Sales!!